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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Staging Information

Hello everyone, I received my staging info yesterday and I am so excited. Well the journey start on September 14th at 7am. I am so excited, and I finish with buying materials that I feel like I will need, Now I am just trying to pack to see what I need to take and what I don't need to take. I am not taking any food  because I don't really crave a particular food,  However I have to take gum because I like chewing it. Anyway I hope I get use to posting often, I am really not a computer person but I am trying.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shopping for PC

Okay Everyone,  Finda  and I created our shopping least, and tomorrow we are going to officially start buying our materials. I have a tendency to forget stuff, and over pack. So I am  glad I have someone to help me out. Thanks Finda.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finished Summer Work/Moving/Other Things/Next Getting Ready For Togo

Alright guys, I have been MIA for a while. Well I have been working like a  mad women, and also moving  my things back to my Mommy's house and working on  other things which include Yehri Wi Cry, Inc ( Hear Our Cry) fundraising events for the  first Implementation trip for our cause ( Please check out this organization at for more information). So I have not had the time to blog, or get ready for Togo. However; I finished my last summer school teaching in the classroom on Friday, and now I only have a 3 days, two night trip  next week with the students then I will start getting things ready for my departure. I hope everyone in country are doing good. I am so excited that I have less than two month, but It is surreal.  I am very ready for this next step of my life. Anyone who can help me with things  to buy for packing, especially does that just left for Togo, or have been there. Please post under this comments.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Overview of Togo

Togo formed part of the Slave Coast, from where captives were shipped abroad by European slavers during the 17th century. In 1884 it became the German protectorate of Togoland.  It was seized by Britain and France at the start of World War I, divided and administered under League of Nations mandates.
The British-ruled western part was later incorporated into what is now Ghana. France granted independence in 1960 and Togo's first president, Sylvanus Olympio, was assassinated in a military coup three years later. Head of the armed forces Gnassingbe Eyadema seized power in a 1967 coup and dissolved all political parties. Although political parties were legalised in 1991 and a democratic constitution was adopted in 1992, the leadership was accused of suppressing opposition and of cheating in elections.

A joint UN-Organisation of African Unity investigation into claims that hundreds of people were killed after controversial elections in 1998 concluded that there had been systematic human rights violations.
Gnassingbe Eyadema died in early 2005 after 38 years in power. The military's immediate but short-lived installation of his son, Faure Gnassingbe, as president provoked widespread international condemnation. Mr Faure stood down and called elections which he won two months later. The opposition said the vote was rigged.

The developments of 2005 led to renewed questions about a commitment to democracy made by Togo in 2004 in a bid to normalise ties with the EU, which cut off aid in 1993 over the country's human rights record.
Moreover, up to 500 people were killed in the political violence surrounding the presidential poll, according to the UN. Around 40,000 Togolese fled to neighbouring countries.


  • Full name: Togolese Republic
  • Population: 6.8 million (UN, 2010)
  • Capital: Lome
  • Area: 56,785 sq km (21,925 sq miles)
  • Major languages: French (official), local languages
  • Major religions: Indigenous beliefs, Christianity, Islam
  • Life expectancy: 62 years (men), 66 years (women) (UN)
  • Monetary unit: 1 CFA (Communaute Financiere Africaine) franc = 100 centimes
  • Main exports: Cocoa, phosphates, coffee, cotton
  • GNI per capita: US $440 (World Bank, 2009)
  • Internet domain: .tg
  • International dialling code: +228
President: Faure Gnassingbe Eyadema
Faure Gnassingbe Eyadema succeeded his father when he died in 2005, having ruled the country with an iron fist for 38 years.
Faure Gnassingbe Eyadema
Faure Gnassingbe succeeded his father as president
The military installed Faure Gnassingbe as president, but following intense local and international pressure he stepped aside and called elections. Hundreds died challenging his victory in those polls.
In the subsequent presidential elections in March 2010, he was declared winner, with 61% of the ballots against the main opposition's candidate Jean-Pierre Fabre, who received 35% of the vote. The opposition cried foul again and staged repeated protests.
In talks to end the dispute, Gilchrist Olympio, leader of the main opposition Union of Forces for Change (UFC) and son of first post-independence president Sylvanus Olympio, struck a deal with Mr Gnassingbe under which the UFC would join the government.
However, the UFC rejected the deal and suspended Mr Olympio. Thousands of the party's supporters took to the streets to protest against the deal.
The president's father, Eyadema Gnassingbe, seized power in a 1967 coup.


Private media have proliferated; there are dozens of commercial and community radios and weekly newspapers, as well as a handful of private TV stations.
Togolese newspaper
Private daily Liberte launched in 2009
However, many private media firms have shaky finances and lag behind state-owned rivals in terms of advertising revenue.
Radio is the most popular medium, particularly in rural areas. The main TV station is government-owned Television Togolaise. The government also operates Togo-Presse daily.
Reporters Without Borders describes the media freedom environment as "satisfactory" (2009). Under legislation introduced in 2002, press offences cannot be punished by imprisonment.
The BBC broadcasts in the capital on 97.5 FM. Also on air in Lome is Gabon's Africa No 1. Radio France Internationale broadcasts on FM in Lome and Kara.
There were 350,000 internet users by June 2009 (Internetworldstats).
The press
  • Togo-Presse - government daily
  • Liberte - private, daily
  • Forum de la Semaine - private, daily
  • Le Regard - private, weekly
  • Le Combat du Peuple - private, weekly
  • Nouveau Combat - private, weekly
  • Carrefour - private, weekly
  • Le Crocodile - private, weekly
  • Motion d'Information - private, weekly
  • Television Togolaise (TVT) - state-run
  • Telesports TV - state-run, sports, culture
  • TV2 - private
  • TV7 - private
  • TV Zion - private, Christian
  • TV Djabal'nour - private, Islamic
  • Media Plus - pay-TV operator
  • Radio Togolaise - state-run national radio, via shortwave, mediumwave (AM) and FM
  • Radio Lome - state-run FM station for Lome
  • Radio Kara - state-run station in north
  • Metropolys Lome - private
  • Kanal FM - private, Lome
  • Radio Nostalgie - private, Lome
  • Nana FM - private, Lome
  • Radio Zephyr - private
  • Radio Djabal'nour - private, Islamic
News agency/internet

Old Blog detelted, now starting new

Hello Everyone, I had a blog before. However, I accidentally deleted it and now I have to start over. Here is a recap: I got medical clear for the Peace Corps in December, celebrated my 23rd birthday in January, send in updated resume in January, got invited to serve in Togo in March. Last but not least graduated  with my Master in  May. That is it, now i am getting myself ready, gaining more experiences, enjoying and spending time with  love ones.